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Pentlow Church 
This is a before and after photo of the porch windows at Pentlow Church, Craftsman Glass removed all the old plastic mesh panels and replaced these with smart new slimline steel frames with hand made diamond leaded lights, finished off with a code 4 lead window sill. 
Photo Ref : 41 
Methodist Church Witham Essex 
This window was designed and fitted by Craftsman Glass Ltd in the Witham Methodist Church, it is a memorial window and features a hand painted Kingfisher. 
Photo Ref. C 42 
Stowmarket Church 
This is one of the ringing chamber windows being removed at the Church of St. Peter and St. Mary in Stowmarket Suffolk. 
This is part of an on-going window restoration program. The window will be completely re-made in our workshop and the restored panels fitted and pointed into the existing stonework. April 2015 
Photo Reference C39 
Thorndon Church Suffolk 
Here we are at Thorndon Church Suffolk carrying out high level glass repairs, the works included repair to damaged glass, re pointing, and overall restoration 
Photo Ref. C44 
Shalford Church Essex 
This is the East window of Shalford Church Near Braintree, we have just finished a full restoration of this window including refurbishment and decoration of all the ferramenta bars. 
Photo Ref. C43 
St James Church Greenstead Green 
This is the East window of St James Church Greenstead Green Nr. Halstead Essex. An excellent Victorian church. The spire is one of the tallest in rural Essex, and can be seen for miles. 
This church is suffering from some ground movement and this has made the stone window move apart, causing some damage and putting the stained glass at risk of falling out. 
Craftsman Glass have removed the damaged stained glass and carried out a full restoration, adding a slip lead at the perimeter when re fitted to allow for future movement, finishing with new stainless steel supporting bars. 
November 2015 
Photo Ref. C 40 
Holy Trinity Church Long Melford Suffolk 
These hand painted stained glass windows have just been restored by Craftsman Glass Limited, they are part of on-going window restoration at Holy Trinity Church Long Melford Suffolk. 
Each small piece of stained glass has been removed from the old lead and cleaned before being re set into new lead work . The windows are then fitted back into the stone surrounds and pointed . We have added new lead sills and new stainless steel saddle bars. 
Photo Ref 38 March 2015 
The church of St Peter ad Vincula Coggeshall Essex 
This window was in a poor state when we first looked at it, the lead was damaged and the glass was falling out in some places. 
The window is made up of rectangles and fragments of stained glass, the stained glass are the remains of the original windows that suffered major damage when a bomb landed near the Church On 16th September 1940 blowing out most of the leaded lights and causing vast damage to the building structure. 
73 years on Craftsman Glass Limited have completely re-leaded the entire window fitting new stainless steel saddle bars and new lead condensation sills. 
March 2013 Photo Reference C 35 
St Luke’s Church Tiptree Essex 
This is a stunning hand painted stained glass window in the Children's corner of St Luke’s church, it depicts Noah’s Ark . 
The window took months to design and paint and contains over a 1000 small panes of glass, each one painted by our artist Benjamin. 
July 2012 
Photo Reference: C33 
Wix Church Essex 
This hand painted stained glass was commissioned in memory of the Church Warden at Wix Church Essex. 
It was hand painted by our Artist and the entire window was restored to incorporate the panel. Craftsman Glass Ltd work closely with the Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) when a Church commissions a window, it is important to make sure that the subject and design is in keeping with the character of the building. June 2011 
Photo Reference Wix Church Essex 
St. Mary The Virgin Bramford 
Here is Paul Knight putting the finishing touches to the vestry window at Bramford Church near Ipswich suffolk. This window was completely re made by Craftsman glass limited. There was a lot of missing glass but we managed to get an exact match from our extensive stock . January 2010 
Photo Reference: C2 
Gt. Maplestead Church Essex 
This is the Vestery windows at St. Giles Church Gt. Maplestead Essex. Craftsman Glass Ltd. re leaded these windows and refurbished the bars .This Church is located in the centre of the village and is notable for it's Norman west tower and apse, and it's two 17th Century monuments in the south transcept. The tower is unbuttressed and it's parapet and battlements are probably 15th century. It was extensively repaired in brick on it's east and south faces after a lightning strike in the 17th Century. You can read the PCC comments on our "Testimonials " section of this web site. Work Completed 18th May 2010 
Photo Reference: C4 
Angel design stained glass 
This was one of two stained glass windows painted by our stained glass artist. Benjamin has painted each small pane of glass before firing them at over 600 degrees in the kiln. This panel was then leaded together by Craftsman Glass. 
Photo Reference: C8 
Ashen Church Suffolk 
The main east window on this church was in danger of falling out, it was the most beautiful hand painted stained glass. The stonework had moved and the lead had come away from the stone grove. We removed the window carried out repairs to damaged glass and made the whole window about 50mm bigger so it fitted back safely. As you can see Scott has taken a supervisory position with the cup of tea! 
Photo Reference: C10 
New Priory Colchester 
This large cross was made for a new Priory in the Greenstead Estate Colchester Essex. This new priory houses the Canonesses of the Holy Sepulcher, who are part of an order who follow the rule of St. Augustine. There work in Colchester will include working in the community with local homeless and vulnerable people. The cross is all hand made using Ruby Water Glass and fitted into a wooden frame. This photo was taken just after it was fitted so as you can see the plasterboard hasn't gone up yet. This Red glass will cast a wonderful reflection on the floor when the sun shines through. 
Photo Reference: C12 
Walton Church 
This was a big job ! Craftsman Glass replaced 5 large windows that had been removed over 8 years ago. The Church needed underpinning, and the windows were removed and stored in the tower. We used all the original glass in the Traceries and made new leaded light windows on the main windows. The new glass used was polish restoration glass and pale pink antique cathedral in the borders. 
Photo Reference: C15 
Pentlow Church Hit By Lightning 
We have worked at Pentlow Church many times, the scaffolding in this photo was erected when the tower was hit by lightning. Some of the stonework was replaced at the top of the tower and Craftsman Glass Ltd. restored the tower windows at the same time. 
Photo Reference: C16 
Bilderstone Church Suffolk. 
Craftsman Glass have restored many windows at this Church , we have worked at hundreds of Churches all over Essex and Suffolk. 
Photo Reference: C18 
St. Marys Beddingfield 
On this Church we removed all the opening casements and totally restored them, we released the casement lights and fitted them back into the stonework. The main thing I remember about this church was the BATS, there was loads of them, and bat droppings everywhere. 
Photo Reference: C20 
Messing Church 
This stained glass was removed from the stonework,remade and re fitted. This type of work is like doing a giant jig saw puzzle, we dispose of the lead ,clean the glass and lay it out on a cut line, then proceed to put it all back together with new lead. 
Photo Reference :C22 
St. Marys Church Wix Essex 
Craftsman Glass Ltd. Removed two large windows here, we re leaded them using all the existing glass, and fitted them back into the stonework. 
Photo Reference: C24 
Walton Church 
This tracery window is one of five we manufactured for Walton On Naze Church Essex.We cleaned and re leaded the glass and set it into the stonework on site. The larger pane has been made in seven sections and put together on site. The leaded lights are set into the stone with a soft pointing up mix. 
Photo Reference: C26 
All Saints Church Maldon 
We have repaired many windows at this Church, the last we worked here we restored two diamond windows in antique glass on the west gable end at high level. 
Photo Reference: C28 
Occold Church 
This is a small Tracery window in the west tower of Occold church in Suffolk. The panel has no glass in between the lead. This was specified by Architect David Whymark who wanted to allow a flow of air into the silence chamber, but keeping the opening small enough to deter birds from entering . 
Craftsman Glass Ltd. Designed and manufactured the panel and fitted it into the stonework on site. 
Photo Reference: C29 
You can read The Architects comments on our Testimonial Page of this site. Click here 
Maldon Baptist Church 
This is one of two windows we replaced at Maldon Baptist Church, sadly this Church was vandalised . In addition to these windows we also replaced 50 individual damaged panes of coloured glass . 
The glass was an old Cathedral glass, so we easily matched it from our extensive stock. March 2011 
Photo Reference: C30 
St. Luke’s Church Tiptree Essex 
This stained glass panel was bending in the middle because the copper ties holding it to the saddle bars had snapped off, the panel was also leaking. Craftsman Glass Ltd. removed, cleaned, and re leaded the panel using all the existing glass, we used new lead to match the existing. We then fitted it back into the stonework with a matching stone mix. April 2011 
Photo Reference: C32 
Bildeston Church 
These are the restored Tracery windows we have just installed at Bildeston Church in Suffolk. Craftsman Glass Limited carry out Church Window restoration all over East Anglia. We restored the entire window including stone pointing and stainless steel metalwork. 
November 2013 Reference C 37 
St. Mary’s Church Glemsford Suffolk 
This is the west window at Glemsford Church, we have completely restored the entire window cleaning and re leading all the existing glass. This fine 15th century church sits on a hill at the northeast part of the village. It is quite a landmark and best approached from the north. 
Photo ref : C36 
United Reformed Church Felixstowe 
This entire window was in a very poor condition and in need of restoration, Craftsman Glass removed all the panels and boarded up the opening. Each tiny pane of glass was cleaned and re leaded in our workshop taking over 200 hours to complete. 
The stonework was restored by Abbey Masonry { Bury St. Edmunds } and all the lead panels re fitted. All the bars were tipped with stainless steel before being shot blasted and powder coated . 
November 2012 
Photo Reference : C 34 
St. Mary’s Church Higham 
This is the North West window at Higham Church Suffolk. We have replaced many windows at this Church, this one is hand painted stained glass with the coat of arms and inscription dedicated to Mr. Martin Stutchfield who kindly donated the funds for the window restoration. April 2011 
“ See what Martin Stuchfield said about our company by visiting the Testimonial Page click here “ 
Photo Reference: C1 
Copdock Church Suffolk 
Copdock Church. This church will be familiar to many travellers, as it sits above the busy Copdock Mill interchange between the A12 and A14. Despite this, its pretty churchyard is a peaceful place, mainly because the A12 lies in such a deep cutting. This panel of Stained Glass depicting the death of Jacob was damaged during a break in at the church, the damage was extensive and required great skill and knowledge by our artist who has cut and hand painted over 50% of the glass to exactly match the original. Craftsman Glass Limited have re leaded the entire panel and fitted it back into the stonework on site. 
Photo Reference: C3 
Higham St. Mary's Church 
This window was manufactured and fitted in January 2011. the original window was very old green diamonds and the Church wanted to let more light in. Craftsman Glass are replacing four windows at this Church. 
Photo Reference : C5 
Lt. Waltham Church 
This hand painted stained glass window was restored by Paul Knight over 15 years ago. The window was in a poor state of repair and Paul removed it from the stonework and cleaned and re-leaded the entire window, it took him over a month to restore. 
Photo Reference: C7 
Angel with owl stained glass 
This was the second of a pair of panels painted by our artist, these panels are made in two sections and are joined together when glazed into the frame. 
Photo Reference: C9 
Aphamstone Church Sufflok 
Aphamstone Church is on the Suffolk / Essex border. Craftsman Glass restored 5 windows here. 
Photo Reference: C11 
Brightlingsea Church Essex 
We have worked at this Church many times over the years, it was one of the first Churches Paul Knight worked on when he started in 1979. We re-leaded 2 windows here and carried out many repairs, our most recent visit was to replace broken diamonds in June 2009 
Photo Reference: C13 
ST. Marys Church Haughley 
These windows are just some of the windows we restored at Haughley. We carried out extensive restoration work on many of the windows at this church. This is a very interesting Church with so much history, well worth a visit. And of course the leaded lights are fantastic ! 
Photo Reference: C14 
Gt. Bricett Church Suffolk 
We re-leaded the stained glass tracerys at high level on the window in the picture. It was very high, and I remember it well because I spent a hot summers day up a ladder with shorts on, and burnt the back of my legs. Working on Churches is a great activity in the summer months, but in the winter, well ! 
Photo Reference: C17 
Old Newton Church Suffolk 
This is a lovely country Church, Craftsman Glass has done major restoration work on the east window here, we removed the whole window and replaced it with clear antique diamonds with a ruby red water glass border. We also completely restored an iron framed window here in antique glass. There is photos of the work we did here on our other gallery. 
Photo Reference: C19 
Bacton Church 
Major restoration was required on this church, Craftsman Glass have restored all the clear-story windows. This job was scaffolded inside and out the full length of the church. 
Photo Reference: C21 
''The Bells'' 
Is this a rare photo of the hunchback, no it is Scott Knight trying to negotiate the bells in the tower at Pentlow Church, the flash from the camera helped him a bit but it was pitch black in the bell tower, and It was a long way down ! 
Photo Reference: C23 
St. Marys Church Bocking Braintree Essex 
We worked closley with our Stained Glass Artist on this job to re-lead three windows each one with hand painted stained glass . you can see what the Dean of Bocking thought of the finished job by visiting our " Testimonials " Page. 
Photo Reference: C25 
Gt. Wakering Church 
This is a large Gothic Window opening in the North wall of St. Nicholas Church Gt. Wakering Church in Essex. It is late 14th century. It has an 18th century timber window inserted, which has a mullion and two rere-arches to form two Lancet windows. Craftsman Glass Ltd. have re leaded all the leaded lights using all the original glass. The whole window has been refurbished. We worked with Bakers Of Danbury on this, and as you can see the finished window was stunning. 
Photo Reference: C27 
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Frinton Parish Church 
This is the South Aisle window at Frinton Parish Church, Frinton On Sea Essex. This window depicting the presentation of Christ at the temple, was very badly damaged by vandals and required considerable restoration. Craftsman Glass Ltd. restored the panels, working with artist Benjaman Finn to exactly reproduce this very fine workmanship. September 2010. 
Photo Reference: C31 
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