Meet the owner 
Paul Knight is the owner and managing director of Craftsman Glass Ltd. He has worked within the glass trade for over 40 years. Paul prides himself on the customer care offered by his company. 
He has a very hands on approach and is very well respected within the trade. He has worked in every aspect of the trade from glass cutting and glazing to the manufacture of sealed units and traditional leaded lights as well as estimating and managing large glass contracts. Please feel free to contact Paul for any help or advice you might require. If you would like to talk about a specific project within one of our Gallery's please quote the photo reference when calling. CLICK ON ANY OF THE PHOTOS TO ENLARGE THEM 
As seen on TV 
This is a double glazed sealed unit that we manufactured for a client in Coggeshall Essex, it was for the stairway of there house and was featured on the channel 4 program Best Laid plans. 
Photo Reference G51 
Landscape with Church 
This is a panel we designed for the stair way of a house in Chelmsford Essex, a simple design using cathedral glass, it was the encapsulated into a double glazed sealed unit. 
Photo Reference G50 
Chelsworth Hall Suffolk 
This is David putting the finishing touches to a large leaded light screen on the stair way at Chelsworth Hall, We removed all the old obscure glass and replaced it with this clear restoration glass bringing a fresh light look to the entrance hall. 
Photo Reference G49 
Door and Side Panels 
This Door and side panels use very pale colours with a more bold border colour. Hand spun roundels finish the design 
Photo Reference G45 
This panel was commissioned for a house in Essex, and was glazed in the hall way of the property, with the full sun light beaming through it really makes an impact, as the rich colours cast light across the walls and floor. 
The background glass is called Dynasty Cathedral, and the rest of the glass is a mix of antique cathedrals and streaky colours. 
Photo Reference G37 
Entrance Door set 
This Entrance was transformed from plain old obscured glass, to this fantastic burst of colour. Many of our clients are putting back the original traditional leaded glass, and bringing out the real character of there home. We can always work with our customers to bring there own designs and ideas to life. 
Photo Reference G35 
Bathroom Door 
This door panel was manufactured for a customer in Gt. Bentley Essex. The customer wanted rich bright colours with a random pattern. We used a mixture of antique Cathedral glass and Water glass for the main squares with hand spun coloured roundels in the detail. The finished panel was glazed into there Bathroom door. 
Photo Reference G32 
Hand Painted Dog Roses 
This panel was hand painted and manufactured by artist Dawn Knight of Craftsman Glass Ltd. Each small pane of glass was fired in the kiln at over 600 degrees and then leaded together to create a stunning feature to any home. Dawn personaly waterproofs and hand finishes every leaded window manufactured by Craftsman Glass and has a vast knowledge of art and design, She has worked within the leaded light trade for many years. 
Photo Reference G2 
Arched Window 
This window was manufactured for a House in Dedham. It was glazed at the end of a long corridor . The glass used was Antique Cathedral with a Red Water Glass border. October 2010 
Photo Reference G6 
Elizabeth Hotel Copdock 
This is a ceiling in the Elizabeth Hotel Copdock, Ipswich Suffolk. We made two ceilings at this Hotel as well as all the glass lights on the pillars. The finished glass had the Elizabeth Hotel Logo sandblasted on to each. We used 6.4 Laminated Safety Glass with coloured film and self adishive lead strip. Each ceiling measured over 15ft. x 9ft. and we made them in sections so they could be removed to replace the lights. 
Photo Reference G8 
Before & After 
Photo Reference G10a 
Stained Glass Dog 
This coloured glass dog design window was manufactured by the owner of Craftsman Glass Ltd Mr. Paul Knight when he served as an apprentice in the 1980 s. This was one of the first picture design windows he made. Paul worked for Kent Blaxill & Co. Ltd in Colchester for over 10 years, learning all aspects of the leaded light trade. 
Photo Reference G12 
New Priory Colchester 
This large cross was made for a new Priory in the Greenstead Estate Colchester Essex. This new priory houses the Canonesses of the Holy Sepulcher, who are part of an order who follow the rule of St. Augustine. There work in Colchester will include working in the community with local homeless and vulnerable people. The cross is all hand made using Ruby Water Glass and fitted into a wooden frame. This photo was taken just after it was fitted so as you can see the plasterboard hasn't gone up yet. This Red glass will cast a wonderful reflection on the floor when the sun shines through. 
Photo Reference G14 
Kingfisher Circle 
This Kingfisher window was designed and manufactured for a house called‘’ Kingfisher Cottage ‘’ it was glazed into an oak door at the entrance of the cottage, and created fantastic reflections on the floor and walls inside when the sun shone in. 
Photo Reference G16 
Misted Patio Doors 
Misted up Patio doors are a common problem, Craftsman Glass can replace the glass units into your existing Patio doors at a fraction of the cost of new doors. Yes we even do the old aluminium type, We can also supply and fit sliding patio door locks, to stop your doors being lifted off from outside. 
Photo Reference G18 
Bilderstone Church Suffolk. 
Craftsman Glass Ltd. have restored many windows at this Church , we have worked at hundreds of Churches all over Essex and Suffolk. 
Photo Reference G20 
Restored Glass 
Craftsman Glass Ltd. restore all types of leaded lights, we can often match damaged glass from our vast range of antique restoration glass and we can match exactly the size and thickness of the original lead. We are often called upon to restore panels that where made hundreds of years ago. 
Photo Reference G22 
3 Flamingos 
A double glazed sealed unit, the design is made up with coloured film and lead applied to the inside of the glass. Craftsman glass are suppliers of all types of sealed units, and can apply any design you can think of ! 
Photo Reference G24 
Very Detailed Work 
This very detailed panel was manufactured for Tiptree Window company Mumford and Wood Limited. It took us two days to cut all the glass. As you can see a lot of work went into the finished panel. The glass is coloured cathedral with hand spun rounals as the main feature. 
Photo Reference G26 
Leaded Landscape 
Here is a bathroom window that we made for a house in Chelmsford Essex. We can make any design to suit your home. You can even design your own panel and we will adapt it to suit stained glass. 
Photo Reference G28 
Coloured Glass Designs 
These are two dog designs we did for a customer in Rayleigh Essex. He saw the design on our web site and had these made for a surprise present for his wife's Christmas. We glazed them into his front door and as you can see the looked fantastic. 
Photo Reference G30 
Door Designs 
We can design panels to enhance any door, the colours can be tailored to your taste and to match your decor. We can even help if you want to design your own. 
Photo Reference G31 
Victorian Style Door 
This fantastic door was designed and manufactured for a house in Lamarsh. The customer had a new front door and wanted to add a touch of class rather than the usual patterned glass. The panels are made using Antique Cathedral Glass, and the circles are hand spun roundals with a pale green border. Our carpenter hung the new door and with the new panels installed it looked stunning. 
Photo Reference G32 
Full Glazing Service 
Craftsman Glass Ltd. Glaze all types of glass, this is Scott glazing hand made leaded lights into a set of oak doors. Scott has worked within the glass trade for many years and has a wide range of experience in glazing and processing, and is currently specialising in the manufacture of double glazed sealed units. 
Sea scape Design 
This is a pair of front doors that we restored for a customer in Rayleigh Essex. The panels were falling apart and were in danger of falling out. Craftsman Glass Ltd. removed them and re leaded both the panels, cleaning all the glass and replacing any missing glass.The customer was over the moon with the finished result and said they were better than when they were first new. 
Photo Reference G29 
Stunning Stained Glass 
This stunning stained glass window was manufactured by Craftsman Glass Ltd. It was designed and hand painted by our stained glass artist. 
Photo Reference G19 
Decorative front door 
These panels are glazed in a house in Tiptree Essex, the door was glazed in clear glass when we first looked at the job, the customer asked us if we could come up with a coloured design to make a feature of door, as you can see this design has added a bit of colour but still letting in the light. 
Photo Reference G21 
Greenhouse Repairs 
Craftsman Glass stock horticultural greenhouse glass and can cut all the shapes you need in our workshop, for you to collect, and do your self. We will also come out and do your repairs for you, we can replace damaged glass and clips, toughened glass and plastic sheet. 
Photo Reference G17 
Misted Sealed Units 
If your double glazing is misted up ? don't replace the windows, just call Craftsman Glass, we can replace just the glass and not the frame. Easy job, much cheaper, and all our double glazed sealed units are manufactured to British Standard. 
Photo Reference G15 
Cockerel Design Window 
This Cockerel window was designed by Mrs.Dawn Knight of Craftsman Glass Ltd, Dawn designs most of our picture windows, and as you can see she has made a wonderful job of this one, the customer was a big collector of chickens and had all sorts of chicken related items around the house, this was the ultimate addition to the collection and she was over the moon with the finished panel. It was glazed in the hall way of a new house in Halstead Essex. The finished panel measured over 4ft. X 4ft. 
Photo Reference G13 
Victorian sky light Restored 
This is a Sky light we have restored for a client in Essex , as you can see the existing glass was plain and boring .  
Craftsman Glass replaced each panel with Traditional hand made stained glass to bring a fresh new colourful look and add the WOW factor to the stairs and landing. 
Victorian sky light 
“These photos show the Before and After restoration of a Victorian sky light / Loft Hatch we have just completed in Colchester Essex. 
All the original glass was removed , the frame restored and Re-sprayed, then glazed with Cathedral Glass and Traditional Leaded Lights. ” 
This is a window we designed and fitted for one of our clients in Writtle, Chelmsford. 
The background glass is coloured cathedrals with the dove in a white streaky glass. 
Tudor Rose 
This is a Tudor Rose manufactured for a client in Suffolk. The glass is a mix of Water Glass and Cathedral glass with a hand spun roundel in the centre. 
Oak Tree 
This is an Oak Tree design, made for a new house in Essex. 
Photo reference G 48 
Entrance Door 
This is a before and after photo of the front Entrance to a house in Witham Essex, our client asked if we could add a bit of life to the old plane glass.  
We have designed and manufactured these hand made traditional leaded lights to complement the style of the house. 
The glass is a mixture of Spectrum Water Glass and Antique Cathedral . 
Photo reference G47 
This is the finished restoration of a Galleon ship, the panel takes pride of place in a bathroom in Chelmsford Essex. 
The Galleon design is a classic, and very popular in the 1950s 
Photo reference G44 
Entrance Porch 
These traditional clear rectangle leaded lights where manufactured for a new porch in Woodbridge Suffolk, there is a stainless steel saddle bar on the inside of each for added strength. 
Photo Reference G46 
All Hand Made 
A stained glass panel being manufactured on the bench, all our leaded lights are made in the same way as they would of been made over 150 years ago. This panel was over 6ft in diameter when finished and was glazed into stonework at a church in Notting Hill London. 
Photo Reference G27 
Sailing Ship 
This panel was in a poor condition when it was brought to us, a lot of the glass was damaged and the lead work was falling apart. We restored the panel cleaning all the existing glass and replacing the missing panes from our stock of old patterns. We re leaded it and made it to fit into the customers new door. {August 2010} 
Photo Reference G23 
Victorian Style Landing Window 
This is one of a pair of windows recently fitted for a client in Saffron Walden.  
Every small individual pane of glass was cut by hand, there are over 1000 panes in total making up the pair. 
The Glass used is Antique Cathedral with hand spun roundel features
Photo Ref G43 
Narrow Boat 
This is a before and after photo of a commission we did for a house in Coggeshall Essex, we removed the modern glazed panel and replaced it with a hand made narrow boat design. 
Photo Ref G42 
Photo Ref 42 Arched Windows 
These panels were designed and manufactured for a customer in Stondon Massey Essex, they replaced the original plane glass in the front hallway, and added a bright new entrance to the house. 
July 2014 
Victorian Reproduction 
These panels have been designed and fitted for a client in Colchester, the door had been glazed with clear obscure glass in the past and the owner wanted to put it back to its original look. 
Craftsman Glass Limited designed the panels to match another leaded light at the property and using Antique Cathedral glass created this stunning entrance. We also carried out all carpentry and decoration.Click here to see what the client had to say. 
Photo Ref 41 
Traditional Metal Casements 
Here is George fitting a traditional flat section casement, the leaded light is fixed to the frame using copper ties that are pushed through holes in the frame and soldered on the other side, this method has been used for hundreds of years. 
Stained Glass Light Box’s 
Craftsman Glass can supply these beautiful light box’s to display your stained glass, each box is hand made using American Oak and comes complete with lights. We can manufacture any size and can even glaze your stained glass with a toughened safety glass front if required. The front opens to give access to the lights and can be stained or painted to any decorative finish. Prices on request 
Photo Reference 40 
Stained Glass Restoration 
These two hand painted door panels came to us badly damaged and falling apart and in need of full restoration. 
Our skilled craftsman took both panels apart, cleaned and re-leaded them using all the existing glass, matching any damaged glass from our extensive stock. As you can see, fully restored they look stunning. 
Photo Reference 39 
Hand Painted Robin 
These fantastic window hangers have been hand painted by our stained glass artist, each one measures 145 mm diameter,and comes gift boxed and ready to hang. Only £ 35.00 each 
This panel was manufactured from a design supplied by our client . Craftsman Glass adapted the design to suit the glass cutting. We used streaky colours to represent the texture of the feathers. From conception through to installation, our clients receive the full benefit of our creativity and experience. Whatever the scale of the project, we offer a professional commitment together with a personable and reliable service. 
Photo Reference G34 
Sailing Boat 
This panel was designed and manufactured for a client in Bradwell On Sea Essex. 
Our instructions were to match the design and colours of her husbands Sailing boat, and the panel was made and fitted in her house as a surprise for his birthday. The glass used was a mix of Antique Cathedrals and Water Glass. 
Photo Reference G33 
Contemporary Door Design 
Craftsman Glass worked closely with the client to design these superb contemporary door panels using various colours and textures. We combine contemporary design ideas with traditional manufacturing techniques and materials, and we pride ourselves in always creating quality stained glass to stunning effect. 
Photo Reference G36 
Spring Flowers 
These floral designs where applied to the customers own doors, all the glass was clear when they arrived at our workshop. As you can see the design was achieved by sticking coloured film and lead to the clear glass to completely enhance the doors. 
Photo Reference G33 
Entrance Door 
This entrance was designed and manufactured for a customer in Elmstead Market Essex. The glass used was a mix of Antique Cathedral, and coloured Water Glass. The name of the house was hand painted and fired in the kiln. The customer visited our workshop to choose the colours and ok the design. You can read Mr. & Mrs. Crosmans comments on our " testimonials page " section of this web site. ( July 2010 ) 
Photo Reference G1 
Painted House Names 
Craftsman Glass are able to manufacture traditional leaded lights with your house name or number painted onto the glass. The name is hand painted by our artist and fired in the kiln at over 600 degrees, this process makes the paint bond with the glass and it will never come off. 
Photo Reference G3 
Antique Glass Panel 
Here is a door panel we restored for a Farm House in Layer Nr. Colchester. The glass is clear reamy antique with an original hand spun bullion in the middle. All the original glass was cleaned and re used and the lead was replaced with new lead matching exactly. 
Photo Reference G5 
Balcony Glass 
Here is Scott fitting 12mm Toughened Safety Glass to a balcony in Latchington Essex. This glass was over 2.5 meters long and we had to carry seven of them up two flights of stairs. The glass is griped between clamps to hold it in place. Craftsman Glass Ltd. Supply and Fit all types of safety glass. 
Photo Reference G7 
Full Victorian Door Set 
This full Victorian door set was designed and manufactured by Craftsman Glass Ltd. for a customer in Danbury Essex. The glass used was a mix of Antique Cathedrals with Water glass borders, the central features are hand spun red roundals. The customer picked out the colours at our workshop. The panels were fitted into the existing frames and finished with traditional face putty. (September 2010.) 
Photo Reference G10 
Double Glazed Cat Flaps 
Cat flaps can be added to any glass door or window. Even If double glazed it can still be done by simply replacing the sealed unit. Craftsman glass supply and fit cat flaps all the time, we will supply the cat flap or you can buy your own and we will fit it for you. We even do the magnetic type. Remember if going into double glazing then you will need to buy a suitable flap. 
Photo Reference G11 
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